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Ethiopia Oromia Natural Sidamo

This organic fair trade lot comes to us from the Oromia Coffee Farmers' Cooperative Union, an umbrella organization dating back to 1999 and supporting a staggering 274 cooperatives contained within the vast region of Oromia, parts of which were once referred to as Sidamo before borders were redrawn a few times during the past two decades. The OCFCU farmers grow coffee of the arabica species exclusively and produce both conventionally grown and organically grown beans.  The union has chosen to bypass many of the middlemen that characterize the international coffee trade, sorting, roasting and exporting its own coffee rather than simply growing and picking it the way most other Ethiopian coffee farmers do.  The union returns 70 percent of its gross profits to its cooperatives.
Cherry dried ("natural") coffee is common to see on the side of the road throughout much of Ethiopia.  Farmers with small gardens will often dry the coffee on their doorstep and then roast and brew it at home or sell it to the local markets.  Ethiopia is practically the only origin country where it is the norm for a farmer to know what his or her own coffee tastes like.
In the case of exportable coffees, the farmers will deliver ripe cherries to the local private mill or cooperative.  The mill will ensure cleanliness and consistency by sorting and immediately drying on raised beds, another Ethiopian original.  These raised drying beds help to ensure good air circulation and temperature control; while the coffee dries, the cherries are turned regularly on the beds to prevent uneven drying. 

Roast Level: City Light

Cupping Notes:  Dried fruit, Blueberry  and Chocolate