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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Idido

This organic fair trade lot comes to us from the Edido Cooperative located in Idido (Singage) within the coffee region of Yirgacheffe, a member of the YCFCU (Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union).   Farmers here are growing coffee at very high altitudes, up to 2300 meters above sea level. Altitude and latitude, or proximity to the Equator, allow the great advantage of coffee with a more complex flavor profile. 

Ethiopian coffee farmers continue to work to protect the forests and their inhabitants.  Shade grown coffee under native trees supports the huge number of forest bird species and research suggests that traditional cultivation practices there support local forest bird biodiversity better than any other coffee farms in the world. 
Farmers with small gardens will often dry the coffee on their doorstep and then roast and brew it at home or sell it to the local markets.  Ethiopia is practically the only origin country where it is the norm for a farmer to know what his or her own coffee tastes like.
In the case of exportable coffees, the farmers will deliver ripe cherries to the local private mill or cooperative.  The mill will ensure cleanliness and consistency by sorting and immediately drying on raised beds, an Ethiopian original.  These raised drying beds help to ensure good air circulation and temperature control; while the coffee dries, the cherries are turned regularly on the beds to prevent uneven drying. 

Roast Level: City Light

Cupping Notes:  Orange Blossom, White Peach, Herbal and Lemon