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Coffee came to Peru in the mid 1700's and was most likely introduced by Dutch immigrants. The Dutch brought the Typica variety which still dominates especially amongst the older farms and micro-farms. The first coffee plantings were in Chinchao, Huanuco in Selva Central and disseminated from there to the Northern (Cajamarca) and Southern (Cusco and Puno) regions of the country. Peru had its first coffee shop in 1771 in Lima and started exporting coffee in 1887.  Farmers who only own a couple of  hectares (1 hectare = 2.47 acres), in remote areas, farming under challenging conditions, are now able to sell their beans through the fair trade coop.    
This Peruvian coffee is also offered in Decaf, processed using the Mountain Water Decaf. Method.   
                                                                                     Roast Level: Medium
The Cup: "Sweet, clean, lemon-lime and herbal with citric and tartaric acidity."