Divine Dark Decaf

This decaf is so flavorful you'll want to drink it for breakfast!! Roasted dark, it's divine!!

Diagram of mountain water decaf process

Cupping Notes: "Mild, sweet, soft, lemon and graham."

Roast Level: Dark

This lot of decaf from our importer, Cafe Imports is a water-processed decaf, processed in a facility in Mexico called Descamex. In order to remove the caffeine in this process, green coffee is soaked in a water solution, which removes both the caffeine as well as other solubles in the coffee (flavor compounds, for instance). The water is removed from the seeds and run through a special filter that captures caffeine molecules and allows them to be strained from the solution. The solution—now containing flavor compounds but no caffeine—is then reintroduced to the green coffee seeds, which reabsorb the soluble materials. The coffee is then dried once more, and prepared for reexport.

This Mexican Chiapas is sourced from the GRAPOS coop. Coffee varietials include Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Mondo Novo and Catuaí, grown at 1200-1800 masl.

Grupo de Asesores de Producción Orgánica y Sustentable S.C. (GRAPOS) is a group of coffee producers in the state of Chiapas, in southern Mexico, in an area that borders the Triunfo Biosphere Reserve. It was formed by 90 farmer members in 2007, but by 2016 it had grown to 3,253 members, representing a range of land that includes Soconusco, Siltepec, Provenir, and Tapachula.

As the cooperative has grown, so has the percentage of active women farmer members, many of whom have inherited land or own their own farms. The women members’ coffees are kept separate and they are paid a price premium for their Women Coffee Producers lots; they have invested the premium in diversifying their crops—planting things like corn, bananas, squash, beans, and cacao—and have also focused on textile production in order to earn more money and have year-round income stability.

The women of GRAPOS farm on an average of 3–7 hectares of land, and they grow several different varieties of coffee including Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, and Mundo Novo.

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