Bajawa Ngura

This lot of Flores, Organic and Rainforest certified, Bajawa Ngura is sourced from family owned farms located on the slopes of the Inerie volcano in the Ngada regency of Flores, one of the big islands in the Lesser Sunda archipelago of Indonesia.

Over the last decade, a growing number of farmer groups have pooled resources to improve upon processing coffee using wet-hulling techniques (called “Ngura” in the Bajawan language) similar to those found in Sumatra. Attention to detail is exquisite, reflected in the ripe cherry selection, raised bed drying, and hand sorting done three times before export.

Cupping: Medium Body and Acidity with flavor notes of Dates, Peat, Walnut and Cocoa Powder

Roast Level: Dark

Growers: Seven Farming Groups: Fa Masa, Suka Maju, Ateriji, Paptaki, Papwiu, Mezamogo and Wongwali

Varietals: Catimor, S795, Timor Hybrid and Typica

Altitude: 5750 feet above sea level

Process: Wet hulled and dried in the sun