Nestled into southern central Africa, the Republic of Malawi forms a landlocked strip of a plateau surrounded by Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania. It is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa with over 13 million people living in only 118,000 square kilometers, of which 20% is water. Coffee was introduced to Malawi in the late 1800's by the British and peaked in production at about 70,000 bags during the 1990's. Flowering happens from December to February, and a May to September harvest follows. Generally all coffees are washed, dried on raised beds, and exported in 60 kg jute bags.

To our understanding, the Geisha variety coffee plant has been grown in Malawi since 1932, under British control. Now the farms are owned and operated by private Malawi entrepreneurs, making their coffee available to the rest of the world by sales through fair trade cooperatives.

The cup: "Caramel fruit, raisin, tomato and basil with tart acidity."

Roast level: Medium