Mexico Oaxaca

Historically, Mexican coffee was viewed as an inexpensive, low grown blender with cup characteristics including a nuttiness, chocolate, and generally mild. However, today, high grown Mexican coffee has extremely interesting complex citric and malic acidity, balanced sweetness in the form of chocolate and toffee, and an overall clean cup. Mexican coffee has come a long way in the last decade, and we are now seeing coffees which undoubtedly change some people's expectations of the country.

Mixtexa Alta del Pacifico was founded by coffee producers in 1990 in Mixteca Alta, Mixteca. The organization includes 4 indigenous mountain range communities within one temperate microclimate where coffee production accounts for 80% of the communities' income.

The Cup: "Mellow herbal and coffee cherry flavors with citric acidity and a nutty aftertaste"

Oaxaca is roasted at a medium roast.