Santa Maria

This honey processed micro-lot comes to us from a RAOS supported family farm in the municipality of Santa Maria. Evangelina Matute and her family had considerable damage to their coffee trees due to leaf rust. But after starting a nursery to replace damaged trees and adding shade trees, by the 2014-2015 coffee harvest they were on a sustainable path to recover. Evangelina has also reconfigured her micro-mill to ecologically run with very little water by using a demucilager. This method produces the Red Honey process lot offered here.

This process has enabled Evangelina to market her coffee as a micro-lot through RAOS. In the last few years, RAOS has also invested significantly to improve its drymill installation. The facility has 2 electronic eyes running in series to color sort green coffee before export. RAOS also continues to employ women to hand sort micro-lots as the final step in preparing a coffee for export.

Cupping Notes: Average sweetness, acidity and body, with flavor notes of Pineapple Orange Juice, Red Grape, Nectarine and Milk Chocolate.

Roast Level: Full City

Varietals: Catuai, Ihcafe 90 and Parainema

Elevation: 4100 to 5500 feet above sea level

Process: Pulped Natural (Honey) and sun dried