In Swahili the word, Tamu, means, Sweet. With its sweet, syrupy notes and rich mouthfeel this coffee is appropriately named.

The coffee was grown and picked by smallholders and delivered to cooperative wet mills where it was disc pulped, fully fermented and washed, sundried on elevated drying tables. Consolidated parchment volumes were then delievred to dry mills where the parchment was hulled, graded according to size and density, and warehoused and warranted for sale.

Cupping Notes: This coffee has a heavy cup, medium brightness with flavor notes of Black Currant, Dark Chocolate, Citrus and Maple Syrup.

Roast Level: Full City Plus/Dark


Small holders from Kiambu, Muranga, Nyeri, Embu and Kericho counties


SL28 and SL34 of Kent and Bourbon ancestry


4900 to 5500 feet above sea level