Sakami Coffee is located in the Trans Nzoia County hamlet of Nabiswa between the Nzoia River and Mount Elgon. The farm is owned by Gloria Gummerus, an IWCA member, and her husband Jarmo Gummerus. Although the farm was founded in 2004, the first coffee trees were planted in 2011. Sakami now has over 60,000 trees. They also cultivate other crops alongside their coffee as a secondary source of income such as: macadamia trees, avocado trees and assorted vegetables. Coffee, represents 16 of the 76 hectare farm.

Sakami Coffee also has a nursery where 100,000 seedlings can be grown every year. Their coffee is fertilized with organic methods, and the foliar spray is made with worm tea from their worm farm. The worms are fed pre-treated cherry pulp to ensure that the farm's nutrient cycle is as closed as possible. The water from pulping and washing the coffee is treated with lime in a settling pond before being used to irrigate the grassland below where their cows are fed. Wild African bees that live in beehives around the property pollinate the coffee.

Cupping: Medium Body and Acidity with flavor notes of Dark Chocolate, Black Tea and Brown Spice

Roast Level: City Light or Full City Plus/Dark

Region: Trans Nzoia County

Altitude: 5575 to 6230 feet above sea level

Varietals: Ruiru 11, Batian, K7, SL 28

Processing: Washed