Kisinga Washing Station

This naturally processed Uganda was produced at the Kisinga Washing Station after being hand-picked by the Bukonzo Farmers Group in the Kasese District. The Bukonzo Farmers Group is comprised of members of the Bakonzo tribe, having small farms averaging about 2 hectares with most work done by hand.

Farmers use "share farming", working as a united group to process and market their coffee, which has resulted in improved processing and increased quality control

The Rwenzori Mountain Range (famously known as the Mountains of the Moon) stretches along Western Uganda bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo. The magnificent snow-capped peaks and glaciers produce many rivers.

High altitude, fertile soils and plentiful rainfall provide perfect conditions for growing Arabica coffee.

Cupping: Balanced cup with heavy body, jammy acidity and crisp notes of blackberry with a round, chocolaty finish.

Altitude: 6900 feet above sea level

Varietals: SL14, SL28

Processing: Natural