Sierra Nevada Asobiopaz

This lot of Sierra Nevada Asobiopaz Organic coffee was grown by the 19 producers of Asociacion Biologicos para la Paz (Asobiopaz) from the villages of Bonda and Minca in the Magdalena department. Castillo, Abrigo and Tipica coffee varietals were grown under a canopy of native trees at 4600 – 6200 feet above sea level. Ripe red coffee cherries were washed and pulped then fermented for 36 hours and sun dried on patios. Once dried the coffee was transported to the Agroeco Dry Mill in Santa Marta, Magdalena and exported by Lohas Beans.

Asociacion Biologicos para la Paz

Asociacion Biologicos para la Paz (Asobiopaz) was founded in 2018 by smallholders from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, North Zone of Colombia. Asobiopaz currently has 19 associated coffee growers throughout the Department of Magdalena.

Asobiopaz producers demonstrate a high degree of respect for the environment and ecosystem. The smallholders grow coffee and other crops with the dual goal of diversifying income sources and conserving the rich soil and water sources of their land.

Cupping Notes: Sweetness combined with Dark Chocolate, Green Apple, Pear and Stone Fruit. Very aromatic with medium body and medium acidity.

Roast Level: City/ Medium

Altitude: 4600 to 6200 feet above sea level

Varietals: Castillo, Arabigo and Tipica

Processing: Washed