Machure Estate - Thika

Kenyan Arabica is grown on rich volcanic soils found in the highlands between 1,400 to 2,000 meters above sea level. Its altitude makes for a bright coffee, not for those who are adverse to acidity. Kenyan coffee is complex and can possess interesting fruit flavours of berry and citrus, some almost winey.

Kenyan Coffee: Interesting Facts and News Bites

  • Small cooperatives produce about 55% of Kenya's coffee crop crop while the large estates grow the rest (45%).

  • Kenya is the 6th largest coffee producer in Africa and the 18th in the world.

  • Kenya doesn't produced any certified organic coffee beans, however, use of chemicals is rare due to excellent agricultural methods employed by coffee growers.

Cupping Notes: This coffee has a Medium Creamy Cup, Bright Acidity with flavor notes of Dark Chocolate, Fig, Lychee and Blackberry.

Roast Level: Full City Plus/Dark

Producers: Small holders from Thika county

Varietals: SL28 and SL34 of Kent and Bourbon ancestry

Altitude: 4920 to 5500 feet above sea level