Salmo Plus is a combination of coffees from Cerrado and Sul de Minas. Cerrado is the newest coffee region in Brazil, shaped by two important events. In 1975 the "black frost" devastated crops in Parana, while in western Sao Paulo there were struggles against insect infestation. Brazil's coffee industry was shattered. Farmers set out to find new areas to develop and arrived in Cerrado, an underdeveloped area with poor soil that the government was exploring for potential food production. Coffee plants adjusted well to the climate, with warm temperatures, intense sunlight and dry winters.

Sul de Minas is the most important and diverse coffee region in the country, a place where farmers still live out traditions passed down from generations of coffee growers.

This natural processed lot was washed and dried, then rested in wooden boxes for 30 days before being hulled adding raisiny, fruity flavors to the bold cocoa notes.

Varietals: Red Catuai, Mundo Novo, Topazio and Acaia

Processing: Natural

Altitude: 2450 to 4400 feet above sea level

Cupping Notes: Sweet and complex, with notes of cocoa, raisin and strawberry, citric acidity. The expected bold balanced body from the Cerrado region, benefits from the addition of playful fruit notes from Sul de Minus.

Roast Level: Full City/Medium