Cerrado Mineiro, Brazil

When Fábio Eduardo Zambon thinks about his legacy, he thinks about coffee and the history written by his predecessors. A fourth generation coffee farmer, Zambon remains passionate about coffee and his family's story. He is also preparing his children, the fifth generation, to take over.

Fabio's great-grandfather, Severino Zambon, started farming after immigrating from Italy to Brazil. He landed in the coffee region in Marília and Bocaina, São Paulo’ state and started to work on coffee plantations. The passion passed from Severino to his son, João Zambon, who passed it on to the next generation, reaching Fábio's father, Jairo Zambon. Jairo continued the family legacy with coffee growing, acquiring his first farmland nearby Alvilândia’s town, in the 70's. In order to expand business, in 1998, the family settled in Galha’s town, still in São Paulo’ state. To this day, the farm is owned by the Zambon family.

In 2003, the Zambon family's history gained a new chapter when they reached Cerrado Mineiro, the region left the family even more enchanted by coffee plantations. Since day one at Fazenda Santa Maria, the farm’s model was oriented towards productivity, high quality and the best agricultural practices.

After the death of his father in 2013, Fábio took over the family business and has owned and operated the coffee farm ever since. Gradually, Fábio built his own management style, adopting modern managerial and production practices, doubling his efforts and focusing of high-quality and sustainability practices.

Each plot of Fazenda Santa Maria is tracked and treated individually with precision agriculture as well as the quality which is mapped with the purpose to better understand tree’s development and its correlations with terroir, insolation, fertility among other key performance indicators.

Cupping Notes: Berry, Fruity, Orange, Sweet & Sugary, Heavy Body and Medium Acidity

Roast Level: Full City/Medium

Varietals: Catuai 99 144, Mundo Novo, Acaua, Araras, IPR100, IBC12

Processing: Natural

Altitude: 4000 feet above sea level