Sumatra Aceh

Altitude: 5250 feet above sea level

Varietals: Arabica Gayo 1, Arabica Gayo 2, Catimor and Typica

Processing: Wet-hulled and patio sun dried

Weh Ilang coffee is grown in one of the highest valleys in the Takengon, Indonesia area. Temperatures there can reach the freezing point at times. In the old days farmers would light fires in their farms to deter frost from happening, especially in the July-September season. Weather there is very unpredictable and snow sometimes falls late at night around 2 to 3 AM. Due to the weather and elevation, coffee from this area tends to take longer to ripen, which contributes to its bold, ripe fruit flavors, exquisite palm-sugar sweetness and overall brighter, cleaner cup.

Cupping Notes: Savory with heavy body, mild acidity, flavor notes of Brown Sugar, Tobacco, Dark Chocolate, Prune and Grapefruit.

Roast Level: Full City Plus/Dark